Employee Engagement: How to Keep the Keepers?

I wrote an article for the January 29th issue of Canadian HR ReporterIs HR prepared to keep the keepers“.  In researching the article, I spoke with a number of fantastic people who had lots to say about the issue of employee engagement, managing talent, coaching for inspired leadership and much more. But alas, when you write for a publication, there’s that word count issue. Some stuff gets in – but lots doesn’t. 

I’ll be teasing out a variety of themes related to the whole topic of engaging high performers in the next few posts. It’s a rich topic and one that can’t be covered in a single article or post.

Let me start by highlighting one quote in the article from David Barnes, vice president of communications, advertising and sponsorship at American Express in Toronto. “You have to create meaning for your people and answer, ‘What’s in it for me.”

I love that (hey that’s why it made it into the ‘edit’:)! Thanks David! David had a ton of stuff to say (as do I) about what it takes to create meaningful and engaging work experiences. Some of it made it into the article and some unfortunately didn’t make it (not enough room).  In our phone chat and in a fall panel discussion at the AMA on internal branding, David spoke about respecting people, listening to them, identifying their strengths, areas of interests, etc.  He also spoke about the support that all leaders at Amex get in growing their own ‘leadership’ abilities and specifically in their ability to engage their team and talent. Superb stuff!

How about  you? If you are a leader/manager of others, what are you currently doing to try to  create that meaning? How do you support your people’s growth and development in your teams/organizations? As a manager and leader, how are you being supported to ensure you have the skills to empower, inspire, grow future leaders in your organization? Left to your own devices or are you being provided with the right mix of tools, learning and coaching to fulfill that part of your role?

Hmmm. Lots of questions. And I have lots more coming. Please dive in here and let’s get that conversation going!

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