Tips to make the Big-ness of Monday just a little lighter

How was your weekend? Too short? Too fast? Not enough time off? Or just right? Mine was great – and it’s not quite over just yet.  I intend to enjoy it right to the end.

But I am taking a moment to write this post on Sunday afternoon because typically that might be the time that those “Sunday blues” start to set in……you start to feel a little disappointment that the weekend is over already; and a bit of anxiety perhaps about the week to come. 

Well, to ease into this Monday here are a few tips to make that perceived ‘heavy lifting” of Mondays seem just a little bit lighter. Please read on….

  1. Make the Big-ness” of Monday seem a little more manageable by chunking down the tasks. It’s easier to focus on one step at a time rather than feel you have to scale the huge mountain all at once.
  2. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about work be mindful to what you do like. Think of at least three things you look forward to and enjoy about your work – e.g. commaraderie with your colleagues? A particular project or task? A client relationship? A new learning challenge?…..come on, I bet you can come up with something!
  3. Think twice about how you schedule your Monday. Did you really want to book that high-pressure meeting for first thing in the morning? What about after work? I know some people who say they try not to overschedule Monday nights – they need to ease into the work week.  What about you? How important is it to pace yourself?
  4. Find a goal or a personal challenge that inspires you. It makes work more interesting and easier to come back.  If you don’t have one ‘built in’ – can you come up with one so that you are more engaged in your work and look forward to something?
  5. Organize yourself before you leave for the weekend. This way you can leave feeling ‘complete and clear’ and can let go during the weekend without trying to remember what you need to do when you return on Monday. Even writing up a ‘to do’ list before you leave can do wonders to keep the ‘static’ level down (the anxiety) and allow you to focus on your weekend. 
  6. Plan something fun for Sunday night….if you find yourself starting to think about work and you’d rather stay in ‘weekend mode’ for a bit more then plan a special activitity that you will enjoy on Sunday nights. For instance, a special dinner with family or friends. Or a get-together watching favorite shows (24 launches today in case anyone is interested!). The idea is to plan something that will keep your mind off work – there will be plenty of time for that during the week – and enjoy your last few hours of the weekend.
  7. OTHER? Got any ideas you want to share? Would love to hear…..write, comment….call.

Now if you’ll sc’use me…..I have to get the popcorn ready. Jack Bauer is due at 8pm!

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5 Responses to “Tips to make the Big-ness of Monday just a little lighter”

  1. Joseph Thornley Says:

    Hi Eileen,

    I try to always follow the “No Meeting Mondays” rule. If I can schedule a meeting on a Tuesday instead of a Monday, I will do so. This leaves Monday clear for people to do what they really think is important.

    And very often, the restful weekend is when we realize what is important vs. simply what has been scheduled for us.

  2. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    This is fantastic! I particularly like the point you make about how a pause can allows us to realize what is important (vs what is scheduled). That can be translated into powerful tip: to give oneself a little space (time) to reflect on priorities and what is important vs being on autopilot and simply ‘rushing’ into the chaos of work.

    Thanks for this!

  3. Elizabeth Hoyle Says:

    Hi. I don’t have a tip so much as a mindset on Mondays or any day for that matter. I learned from my dad as I helped nurse him through his last year on this earth. I was wheeling him along in his wheel chair complaining about the weather and he said — “You take it as it comes. You take what you get. You can’t change it so make it work.”

    Stopped dead in my tracks.

    Simple, profound. Mondays are going to be Mondays no matter what and they’ll be the Monday you make it. I’ve never complained about the weather or any day since. Takes energy that I can use more productively during the day.

  4. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    This is fantastic Elizabeth! I especially want to highlight the part “They’ll be the Monday you make it”.

    That in itself is a lesson that we can extend to everthing!

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    […] Tips to make the Big-ness of Monday just a little bit lighter […]

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