TGIF Already!? Well, thankfully Monday is only 3 days away!:)

tgif-cat.gifI hope you realize that I named this blog TGIM Work Life (i.e. Thank G-d it’s Monday) with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek attitude.

As you know I am very passionate and serious about the proposition of loving your work — or at least embracing work as an opportunity to add meaningfully to your life experience. But make no mistake about it….I very much also look forward to my weekends and time off work. And yes, like most people, I am often pulled through the week by the lure of Fridays. I guess you can say that I do hold a TGIF attitude on Fridays. I’d be disingenuous (a liar in plain English) if I claimed otherwise.

But here’s the thing: There is a huge risk associated with having an over-zealous and exclusive TGIF (thank G-d it’s Friday) perspective. If you consistently look at your work week as a race to the finish line, here’s what happens:

  • You race real hard Monday through Thursday trying to just make it to the end of the week…
  • Friday arrives. Still working but relieved — and exhausted….
  • Saturday arrives….(phew…day off….errands…some fun….but it’s fleeting)
  • Sunday arrives… start to get the heavy feeling sometimes referred to as the “Sunday Blues” or “Back to Work Monday Blues”….oh that heavy lifting feeling of the BIGness of Monday.
  • Back to work on Monday and race to the finish line all over again.

In essence — you miss  your life!  With barely a day or so to truly claim as your ‘own’ (plus some evening time…if you can still ‘stand’ after a gruelling day at work:)

Doesn’t sound very fulfilling to me.  That’s why I believe in working towards a TGIM worklife — with all the attitudes and aptitudes to go with it. I want to get the most out of my life experience and since my work takes up a good part of that – well, it’s up to me to do my best to make that happen.

And of course, you can’t do this alone. Employers have to be contributing partners in creating meaningful and engaging work environments.  The environment and fit has to be there too. More about that in future posts.

So before you start your weekend, think about this: Enjoy it to the fullest but be mindful of how you are thinking about returning back to work on Monday. Do you really want to be dreading four of the five work days in your coming week? Do you want to race through it?  Most importantly, do you really want to miss your life? 

Would love to hear from you on what you do to cope with Sunday blues…write, email….as always, your participation in this conversation is most welcome.



2 Responses to “TGIF Already!? Well, thankfully Monday is only 3 days away!:)”

  1. Darlene Russell Says:


    i agree with you that life is too big to squeeze into a weekend and trying to do that just leads to the Monday morning blues.

    I like to think about making every day a small work of art – paying attention to the shape of the day, the color of the day, the rhythms of the day… For example, I make time in each day to get outside for even a short walk, and to write.

    I take the same approach to planning my week. Rather than mindlessly filling in every available calendar spot, I am thoughtful about scheduling my time – slotting in some time to work on a creative new idea, fitting in a lunch time concert, scheduling a yoga class on the way home from work so I don’t have to go back out into the cold.

    When I take responsibility for creating my days and making they include space for the things that matter to me, then I don’t feel so stressed by the Monday to Friday marathon, followed by a weekend of trying to grab enough pleasure to make up for it.

  2. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Darlene – this is fantastic! And I love your comment about “personal responsibility for creating my days….and including space for things that matter.” I’m sure I’ll be writing a post on that sometime. Thanks for sharing – and as always being an inspiration.

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