Back to Work Blues? Beat them with a TGIM Mindset!


Going back to work after a holiday can be stressful. Even for people who love their work, the BIGness of starting over can be overwhelming after time off – especially extended breaks like Xmas/New Years. But it happens on weekends too. Ever hear of those Sunday Blues?

 Here are just a few questions and thought-starters to consider to help you get you and your team back into a TGIM mindset after the break.

 1) Are you a dive in or a dip in kind of person? If the former, think about activities that will energize and engage you (and your team) quickly and get you back into high gear. If you are more of an ‘ease into work’ mode, then be mindful of how you schedule those first few hours back. Do you really want to book a high-powered meeting for 8:30 am on the first day back? Would you book that same meeting on a Friday at 4pm before a long weekend?

2) What about your colleagues? If you manage people, be mindful of them as well (it’s not just about you:). Be sensitive and if there’s flexibility in scheduling meetings, be considerate. 

3) What are you thinking? Be mindful of your thoughts because they control how you feel. Back to work blues are often the result of some underlying anxiety. Be clear and aware of what is concerning you so that you can either simply recognize it (which in itself can alleviate a little by being aware); challenge it (sometimes our fears and worries are unfounded); or deal with it. When unchecked (dwelling beneath the surface) our worries can magnify and wreck havoc with our moods.

4) What do you like about  your work and what are you grateful for?  Having a more empowered mindset is a not a condition – it’s a choice. You would be surprised how getting clear and present to the positive side of your work can make a difference. Write down a gratitude list with at least three things you are grateful for and appreciate in your work life (and I challenge you to write more than three….think about your colleagues, the environment, clients, perks, benefits, learning opps, etc.).

Martin Seligma, PH.D., author of Authentic Happiness and founder of the new positive psychology movement says gratitude is one of the key strengths prevalent in people who tend to feel more fulfilled and positive about their work and lives. But remember that gratitude is not a condition. It’s a way of thinking – and you can develop gratitude habits. By intentionally focusing on what you are grateful for, you can significantly shift your mindset and how you feel to a much more positive experience. See more at the Authentic Happiness website .

5) Does back to work mean all work and no fun? It seems all the good times get scheduled before the holiday break with lunches, parties, etc. How about saving some for January? What about a New Year’s team building lunch or exercise? Or is there someone who you’ve been wanting to network with – how about booking a lunch or after work get-together. The key is to build in some work-related activities that you (and/or your team) will look forward to.

6) What else? These are just a few ideas. I’d love to share more ideas with the  TGIM Work-Life community so please do share your strategies, experience….because…..well….Monday is just around the corner. 

 For More See “Thank God…It’s Monday” (Globe and Mail article).

 To Your TGIM Work-life!



3 Responses to “Back to Work Blues? Beat them with a TGIM Mindset!”

  1. Aimee Deziel Says:


    Congrats on the new blog. I’ll definitely put this one on my blogroll.

    I have two tips that might also be useful to beating the back to work blues.

    First, I actually came into the office this holiday, it was only for a few hours but it allowed me to catch up on a lot and as a result I felt I had a pretty good handle on things when I walked in this morning. No surprises, no loose ends from before the holidays.

    Second, I find a great way to beat the Sunday Night Dreads (as I like to call them) is to schedule something to look forward to on Sunday nights. For instance, I have a group of girl friends who always get together on Sunday nights for dinner. Or sometimes I schedule a movie with my significant other. This gives me something to look forward to and keeps my mind from trailing into work mode.

  2. Darlene Russell Says:


    Love the blog! Wonderful place to share your creativity and imagination!

    What I notice this January is that by spending two whole weeks off over the holidays – reading, writing, watching movies, spending time with family and friends – I finally reached the boredom threshold that for me is often the stimulus for a creative burst. This morning I woke with a sense of excitement. Went hiking in the Dundas Valley, mind overflowing with plans and possibilites for the new year. The poet Walt Whitman invited us to “lounge and invite the soul” . I’m glad I gave myself permission to take his advice.

  3. Bennett Pearl Says:

    It’s the second big day back at work for 2007. Thanks to the blog, it was top of mind for me that the weight of getting back to work is a common one – that awareness helped me put things in perspective. Things were all great as soon as I jumped back in.

    Thankyou TGIM-WL

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